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Apr 24 2012

Reset Button

It’s April, and there is so much talk of next year.

It’s on my mind, too, as I pray for a second take with kindergarten  (so much I’d like to try to do again, improve on), yearn for the supposed so-much-betterness of the second year, and mostly wonder, wonder, wonder what’s in store. It seems like a chance to start fresh; the clock resets back to 180 days.

Throughout the school year there are so many chances for fresh starts, though. How many times did I wait for a new grading period to implement a new procedure, or even just wait for a new week before introducing a new instructional concept? It makes sense, but

Every morning my class chants our motto, and then this refrain: “There is no time to waste! Our work is never done!” This truth weighs on me and yet I feel unsatisfied with the degree of urgency that I’ve mustered in my classroom and in myself this year.

It’s exciting to be done with our testing (oh, yes, the standardized tests of kindergarten) and pretty much done with our basals / textbooks, and we’re really focusing on hitting those skills that the kids will need to have the most solid grasp on for first grade success – sight word fluency, number sense, things like that. I can’t believe I have to send them on in 31 days (and a summer)! And it’s crunch time to make sure I’m sending them on prepared.

With all the talk of next year I want to make sure that my parents and students are all still focused on the present – we’re not done! We have to make a bit more headway to the class goals, and there’s a field trip in store, and all kinds of end-of-year activities to throw off my teaching schedule and keep everyone riled up.


I leave you with a gem from Monday: We were making sentences with one of our new sight words, “day”.

My example: “What day of the week is it today?”

Student example: “Day is going to play outside in the park.”

sigh. he meant “they.” another sigh.

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