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Jul 23 2011

Best Kept Secrets

Since my own public school education is not so far back in my memory, I can’t help but think, sometimes, of my old teachers in my current position. Of course, there is something unique about TFA Institute that can’t compare to a regular school year teacher’s life, but stil…

I wonder what our kids think about the bulletin boards that decorate their halls, the ones that are sometimes more for their teachers than for them, with evening schedules and Teaching as Leadership mottoes posted across them. About the fact that almost all of us, when asked, tell them we will be teaching in a different state next fall. About the obvious divide between young teachers, who lead most lessons, and older teachers, who observe from the side or the back of the room.

If only the children knew that their teachers rode school buses every morning, returned home to dorms and lived all together at night, packed their lunches in ‘Teach for America’ lunch boxes every day. If only they knew we were the same age as their big sisters, that many of us were standing in front of a class for the very first time this summer.

That our responsibility is not just empowering, but often terrifying.

These are our best-kept secrets.

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